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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Musée de la civilisation is an institution known for its boldness and creativity. Our slogan Let’s experience the world together means, among other things, being inspired by diversity.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is part of our institutional focus on being a dynamic, enriching professional environment, inspired by the creativity of all our members and by the strength of the group. Together, we create the extraordinary.

A commitment that goes back to our roots

Since its creation, the Musée’s vision has been to remain committed and accessible to all, working for a better world where differences are valued and respected.

Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our organization’s culture. Over the years, the Musée’s values of humanism and collaboration have fostered a fulfilling work environment for our employees.

This is also why we established an action plan for people with disabilities in 2011 and an Indigenous Peoples policy in 2012.

Five guiding principles 

The Musée is committed to attracting the best talent from the whole of society, recognizing the needs of each individual and ensuring the conditions in which everyone can develop and achieve their full potential.

This commitment has led to our five guiding principles, which we put into action every day:

  • Connect: When we work together, we succeed.
  • Diversify: We firmly believe that diversity stimulates innovation and growth.
  • Commit: We are committed to putting in place concrete and measurable actions and ensuring equitable representation of society.
  • Organize: We have developed efficient internal tools that allow each individual to have their say.
  • Train: Our employees have access to guides, training and experimentation.


Purpose, values and mission

The Musée’s commitments to diversity and inclusion are rooted in its core values of excellence, collaboration and openness.

We strive to identify and remove barriers to recruitment and employee advancement, and we foster a culture of inclusion and excellence where everyone feels respected and heard. This is our mission.



Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is a means of social engagement. Concretely, it means we work to instill inclusion, participation, collaboration, preparedness, consistency and perseverance.

Our five commitments allow us to take this inclusive approach as part of our sustainable development: by taking a human-centred approach, we can truly value equity and difference and the richness of diverse experiences.


The Musée’s actions: the equal access to employment strategy

We apply our values of diversity, equity and inclusion in our recruitment and training processes, as set out in our equal access to employment strategy, created in 2020.

This program identifies our hiring priorities for the coming years. It also defines the various measures in place to reach our recruitment objectives for under-represented groups: people with disabilities, Indigenous people, visible minorities and ethnic minorities.

By 2024, our target customer base is expected to increase by 6%.


Measures in place :

  • Equal opportunities : We have adopted an internal policy and a system of in-depth scrutiny at all stages of the recruitment process, in order to eliminate anything that may be discriminatory.
  • Recruitment, promotion and training : These measures are in place for all staff. They are designed to promote equity and diversity and to serve as a model for the long-term integration of these values.
  • Consultation and information : These measures are designed to ensure that everyone, especially at the highest levels of management and leadership, is aware and informed of practices and results.

These measures are also reinforced through monitoring to evaluate, validate and modify the measures when necessary. This ensures that they remain relevant to the labour market, to hiring practices and to the Musée’s goals.

The Musée is committed to employment equity and to creating a workplace that reflects diversity. All qualified applicants are considered, regardless of citizenship, ethnicity, race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age or veteran status. We therefore encourage women, Indigenous people, members of visible communities and people with disabilities to apply. In order to avoid any discrimination in hiring, accommodations can be made on request during the selection process.