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Past exhibition

Meeting Space: Homelessness

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Petites maisons faites avec des matériaux utilisés par les personnes en situation d'itinérance pour construire leurs abris de fortune.

Des individus ayant vécu en situation d’itinérance ont accepté de livrer des pans de leur vie dans la rue. Ces propos touchants sont la matière première des œuvres de l’artiste Josée Landry Sirois.

Individuals who have experienced homelessness share their stories of life on the street. These poignant words serve as the inspiration for works by artist Josée Landry Sirois.

Artist Josée Landry Sirois has collected poignant testimonies from eight people experiencing homelessness. The stories of Simon, Noël, Nancy, Jennifer, Steve and three others serve as inspiration for a series of artworks presented in the exhibition.

The works illustrate the life journeys and identities of these individuals. Along with these artworks, the exhibit includes important and meaningful objects from the Maison Lauberivière, a community organization and shelter in Québec City.

This exhibition was created using the approach of the Sesame Project, in which the Musée worked directly with the people represented in the exhibition. Sharing Space: Experiencing Homelessness is part of a series of exhibitions exploring different people’s lived experiences. These exhibitions are presented in a dedicated part of the Musée called The Sharing Space. The learnings from this series of exhibitions are reflected in the Musée’s new permanent exhibition.

The virtual tour is produced in collaboration with Gaspésie Virtuelle.

© Musée de la civilisation, Marie-Josée Marcotte – Icône
© Musée de la civilisation, Marie-Josée Marcotte – Icône
© Musée de la civilisation, Marie-Josée Marcotte – Icône