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In other words, Québec

  • Spring 2024 - Informations to come

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Through the countless encounters that have forged Québec over time, discover the historical events that shaped Québec society, but also the issues it faces today.

Throughout history, the land we now call Québec has been the site of countless interactions that have shaped who its inhabitants are and how they coexist. These interactions also highlight what connects Quebecers to the rest of the world.

Regardless of the form they take, these encounters are the raw material for the Musée de la civilisation’s new permanent exhibition on Québec.

Whether positive or difficult, these encounters encourage exchanges and connections between cultures. They reveal heritages and individuals both well-known and sidelined from collective memory, and sometimes even feature forms of recognition and justice.

These will appear throughout the exhibition, which is laid out like a large park, with six pavilions, each with its own theme: The Land and Its Inhabitants; Seasons and Lifestyles; Trade; Help, Mutual Aid and Solidarity; Social and Political Movements; Belonging.