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Gladiators -Heroes of the Colosseum

  • Summer 2024 - Informations to come

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Find out more about the daily life of these warriors and their peculiar destiny, and what’s behind the scenes of the world’s most glorious amphitheatre, the Colosseum in Rome!

Discover the origins of gladiator fights, the code of conduct governing both their lives and their deaths and the glory bestowed upon them.

Admire more than 150 precious artifacts from Ancient Rome that honour the strength and legendary bravery of these men.

Photo : Courtesy of the Ministry of Culture of Italy

An exhibition conceived and produced by Contemporanea Progetti and Expona, curated by Dr Rossella Rea, archaeologist and former director of the Rome’s Colosseum, in collaboration with Dr. Federica Rinaldi (Colosseum Archaeological Park, Rome), Dr. Sara Colantonio and Dr. Carlotta Caruso (National Roman Museum, Rome).