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Past exhibition

Pompeii. Immortal City

Signature visuelle de l'exposition Pompéi. Cité immortelle. Illustration des vestiges de la ville la nuit avec le Vésuve en fond.

In 79 AD, the rich Roman city of Pompeii was abruptly buried under the rocks and ashes spewed by Mount Vesuvius, a terrifying volcano. Crystallized for eternity, this tragic end to the inhabitants’ lives has fascinated experts and the general public alike for centuries.

See the famous and heart-rending casts of petrified bodies buried by Vesuvius’ eruption. These casts reveal the individuals’ faces and their bodily positions, as well as their fear, when the fateful eruption occurred.

Pompeii. Immortal City is based on the most recent research into the lifestyle and culture of this ancient city’s inhabitants.

The exhibition features a spectacular immersive installation, which allows visitors to truly feel the atmosphere and the daily life of the time, up to the moment of the volcanic eruption, when the earth trembles under the visitor’s feet and everything collapses.

An exhibition developed and produced by TEMPORA, in partnership with Civita and Exhibits Development Group, based on the scientific project by Museo Galileo in Florence with the collaboration of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, and adapted by the Musée de la civilisation.

Presented by GUS

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