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Visite commentée This is our Story

  • Date : Until June 23 2023
  • Duration : 60 minutes
  • Rate :
    0$ - Gratuit avec droit d'entrée

Accompanied by a guide-interpreter, “meet” the First Nations in their own environment through a storyline and their vision of history, reflections on what they have become beyond romanticism and prejudices, and through their anxieties and questions about the challenges of the future.

The new permanent exhibition is a meeting with the Aboriginal cultures of today, their diversity, their worldviews, their process of forging an identity in relation to their stories, and the contemporary expression of international autochthony. The exhibition is a reflection of what it means to be an Aboriginal person in the 21st century. The exhibition’s grand narrative is based on Aboriginal words.

Throughout the process of creation, the museum collaborated with Québec’s 11 First Nations. The concept, themes, choice of objects and their significance were developed in conjunction with Aboriginal representatives and the museum’s teams, along with their partner, Boîte Rouge vif.

Planning a group visit?
Information or reservation : mcq.org or 418 692-1151. Group rates