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Lucky Green Stamp Doll

Around 1955
© Guelph Museums, 976.2.4

Plastic doll with synthetic hair, blue sleeping eyes, moveable arms and legs.
Manufactured by the Earle Pullan Company Ltd. which operated from 1945 – 1967. During the 1950’s dolls made from stuffed rubber, plastic and vinyl appeared on the market. Given to consumers by retailers as a “reward program,” Green stamps were collected and redeemed for a variety of merchandise, including dolls and toys.


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I have the loblaws dolls in excellent condition pls. e-mail me @ coralqueen53@hotmail.com if you are interested in them or any other dolls I have.

margaret , 61 year old   toronto ontario

I received my Lucky Green Stamp doll for Christmas I think 1959. I grew up in Peterborough Ontario. I still have her with original green dress, shoes and socks. Her legs are starting to crack with age. Does anyone know how to preserve them??

Wendy , 58 year old   Old Orchard Beach Maine USA

My email is mb_60@hotmail.com if you want to make an offer on my mint condition doll in original box.

Marilyn , 65 year old   Aurora Canada

I have a Miss Lucky Green Stamp doll in mint condition in box in original clothing. I wanted it desparately when I was young and have saved it and cherished it for years. I now need to downsize. If anyone is interested...make an offer

Marilyn , 65 year old   Aurora ontario canada

I too used to have one of these dolls when I was about 7. I do remember it took many books of stamps to get her. I don't recall what happened to her but I know I had her for quite a few years and loved to dress her up and change her hairstyle as a child.

Donna , 62 year old   Chelmsford Canada

I believe I have one of these dolls. I haven't measured her but I'm pretty sure she is around 3 feet tall, long brown hair, beautiful eyes and I think the dress is exactly the same. She has black shoes and her undergarment. Her leg needs surgery and her head leans slightly to one side. I never had one of these dolls as a child. I bought her near Jarvis, Ontario. She is looking for her original mommy if you are interested :)

Maryanne , 63 year old   Fort Erie, Ontario Canada

Yes I remember that doll and always hated it, it reminded me of me.
I was affraid of it, use to see its head popping out of the wall, saying my name, Patti, Patti PATTI!!!!!
Was surprised you can still find them.

Patti , 58 year old   Toronto Canada

I, too, have fond memories of the Miss Lucky Green doll. I received mine for my 2nd (3rd?) Christmas and still have it - more than 45 years later. She is in need of a doll surgeon since one of her legs - at the torso - has broken. The leg stays on, but she must remain standing or it will fall off. I THINK I still have all the clothes (shoes, too) and wonder if anyone would like to give her a home. Price negotiable - I'll be fair.

Jenny , 56 year old   Kitchener ON

I have many treasured memories of my 36-inch Miss Lucky Green Stamp doll which my mother and grandmother saved their stamps for. I'm thrilled to discover that others have similar fond memories as well. Unfortunately my doll did not survive the several moves we made while I was young. Recently I've been looking (unsuccessfully) for a replacement doll in excellent condition. Does anyone know where I can find one?

Shirley , 62 year old   Cookshire Quebec, Canada

I also had a Lucky Green Stamp doll. I will be 52 next month. I remember my mother and father collecting the stamps for the stamp book. I thought it was 7 or so books that you had to save. Does anyone remember the exact number?

This doll has great memories for me. I was a second child and received hand me downs from my sister for everything--clothes, skates, bikes. This was the first signifcant thing that I received of value that was just for me. It was my birthday gift. Again, I thought I was in the age group of 8 or 9. Does anyone have the exact date of its availability? I had endless hours of play with that doll. The doll still exists. I am desperately hoping that a family member will return it to me. It has great meaning to me.

Marlene , 60 year old   Toronto, Ontario Canada

My grandmother saved the Loblaws stamps and I still have one of the lucky stamp dolls with original clothes to show for her hard work collecting.


wendi , 56 year old   cambridge canada

The last message came up as 39 years old but I am 49. Will be 50 next month

Barbara , 59 year old   Bloomfield NY United States

When I grew up in Fort Erie, Ontario Canada my mom had saved green stamps to get me this doll that I loved. I do not have it any longer but I was in an antique shop today looking at dolls and I did not find the green stamp doll unfortunatley but I found another doll I got when I was about 8 years old. It is a kimmie eskimo doll but she did not have the beautiful seal skin coat that she came with originally. I remember asking for it for Christmas from the Sears wish book Christmas catalogue. If anyone has the clothes that originally came with her, I would love to obtain them.

Barbara , 48 year old   Bloomfield United States

Wow - The Lucky Green stamp doll is part of my fondest memories of childhood. The doll along with Trixie Beldon books, mousetrap and another doll called Baby Wrigley or something similar will always hold a place in my heart. Its nice to know that others share the same memory of such a great doll.

Arlene , 59 year old   Oshawa Canada

I have the 3 foot high Lucky Green Doll. My mother too, saved stamps (it took quite a few books). The doll is in very good condition, with just one shoulder cracked. But she is immaculate and has all her fingers and toes, and original clothing. I have often wondered what her value is. Does anyone know?

Mary , 63 year old   Stoney Creek Canada

In 1957, for my 8th birthday, my friend 'a boy' bought me a doll for my birthday but had put his name in for a draw at the store and won a doll just like this and gave it to me as well! My doll had a nice red dress. Lucky me!

Christine , 65 year old   St.Catharines Canada

I was an only child. A dear friend of my Grandma heard that I wanted a little sister for Christmas, and traded in her stamps to get the Lucky Green Doll for me. I imagined she was my sister, and we had lots of fun times. When I grew up, she stayed with another little girl, and when I had little girls of my own, I got her back. She is in excellent condition, but her original dress is gone. I thought I would keep her forever ... but....we're in need of some serious money. I tried to get a value for her since she is obviously rare, in great shape, and almost antique. But I have no idea what she's worth. I know what I need though, and $10,000 would certainly do it. Negotiable. If you know someone who would enjoy collecting this unique doll from the 1950's please contact me. Email dimurdoch@tycoint.com

Melody , 59 year old   Ontario Canada

Iam 48 y.o. and my mother saved 5 books of stamps and i got the large doll. She was my best friend for many years , but as i played so much with her she did eventually get ruined . I still have her but she is missing a few fingers and her leg is broken too. I would very much like to find someone out there who has one in mint condition that i could buy so i could get back a very special childhood memory.

leonore , 59 year old   mildmay canada

My mother saved two books of stamps and received this doll from Loblaws. She then started to save another two books for another doll for my younger sister Sharon, but could not wait to show me my doll first. She opened the closet door,showed her to me and told me "this is your doll, another will come for your sister." Alas, although I loved this doll and slept with it at night she was eventually discarded. My husband only recently found a replacement in origional costume. I opened the box and there she was again

Ardis , 59 year old   Thornhill Ontario

In the early 1960s when I was about 5 yrs old my aunt who lived in Toronto gave a Miss Lucky Green doll to me and also one to my sister. My doll has short hair while my sister's doll had long hair. She still wears her original dress, socks and shoes. I'm 41 now and cherish this doll more than ever.

Alison , 54 year old   Victoria, British Columbia Canada

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